Crab Stick Crunchy Salad

Crab Stick Tempura sliced Avocado, Mixed salad Wasabi Mayo & Miso dressing

Tofu Salad

Tofu on a bed of Mixed Salad drizzled with Avocado & Miso dressing

Yasai Avocado Salad

Avocado, Mixed Salad, Tangy Ginger dressing

Wakame Salad

Seaweed & Fresh Mixed Salad tossed with citrus dressing

Aburi Maguro Salad (Rare)

Seared Tuna, Avocado & Mixed Salad topped with Nuts & Chef's special dressing

Katsu Chicken Caesar Salad

Crispy Katsu Chicken & Avocado slides on a bed of Mixed Lettuce, drizzled with Dynamite & Wasabi mayo

Spicy Beef & Mango Salad

Seared Beef, Mango, Fresh Mixed Salad, Spicy Yuzu dressing

Sushi Bar


Chef's Ocean Platter

Sashimi Salmon 3 slices
Tuna 2 slices
Sushi Salmon 1pc
Tuna 1pc
Prawn 1pc
Maki roll Chef dynamite 4pcs
California 4pcs

Chef's Garden Platter

Veg futo Maki Roll
Veggie Maki Crunchy 4pc
Tofu Maki 4pc
Avocado Nigiri 2pc

Sashimi Platter

Salmon 5 slices, tuna 5 slices white fish 5 slices

Nigiri Moriawase

Salmon, Tuna, Prawn, Crab, Egg, Avocado (1pc each)

Sashimi Rose Plate

Salmon Sashimi

Maki Rolls

Chef Signature Roll (8pcs)

Crab Stick Tempura, dry gourd & Avocado topped with torched Salmon Spicy Crunch

Cheff Dynamite Roll (8pcs)

Tempura Prawns, Cream cheese, dry gourd strips & Avocado with spicy crunch & drizzled with chef's special sauce

Fiery Dragon Eel Roll (8pcs)

Avocado, dry gourd strips, topped with eel & a Teriyaki drizzle

Caterpillar Roll (8pcs)

Tuna, Salmon, Crab, Dry gourd strips, Wasabi Mayonnaise, topped with sliced Avocado & Sriracha drops

Salmon Heat Roll (8pcs)

Salmon, Avocado, Dry gourd strips, Mayonnaise topped with spicy crunch

Spicy Tuna Roll (8pcs)

Tuna & Avocado, topped with spicy crunch

California Roll (8pcs)

Salmon, Avocado & Crab stick rolled in flying fish eggs

Kiss of Fire (8pcs)

Prawn Tempura, Avocado, Sriracha, Wasabi mayo topped with Kimchi, Jalapenos and drizzled with dynamite sauce

Philadelphia Roll (8pcs)

Salmon, Avocado, Asparagus, topped with Wasabi cream cheese & Spring onion

Gyuniki Roll (8pcs)

Seared Teriyaki Beef, Avocado, Spring Onion & coriander, drizzled with a sweet Soya reaction

Geisha Roll

Crab, Salmon, Lettuce, Mango drizzled with Chef's special sauce

Red Samurai

Spicy Tuna, Cucumber & Avocado rolled in Japanese pepper flakes topped with Cherry, Tomato & Dynamite sauce drizzle

Spicy Chicken & Mango Roll

Katsu Chicken, Sriracha, Wasabi mayo & Lettuce topped with Mango, Japanese pepper & Bullet chili drizzled with Mango sauce

Crystal Roll

A health-conscious roll with Prawn, Salmon, Coriander, Spring Onion, Lettuce & Avocado rolled in Rice

Chef's Fusion Roll

Black Sushi Rice, Salmon, Tuna, Avocado, Wasabi mayo, Teriyaki sauce, Sriracha

Yasai Spicy Roll (8pcs)

Vegetable Tempura, Dry Gourd Strips topped with Spicy Crunch

Tofu Maki (8pcs)

Deep-fried Tofu, Dry Gourd Strips topped Spicy Crunch

Avocado Maki (8pcs)

Avocado, Dry Gourd Strips, Wasabi Mayo, Avocado sauce topped with Spicy Crunch

Veggie Maki Crunchy (8pcs)

Cucumber, Carrot, Avocado, Dry Gourd Strips topped with Spicy Crunch & Apple Slices

Green Garden Roll (8pcs)

Avocado, Cucumber, Zucchini, Spring Onions, topped with Mixed greens herbs

Futo Maki Veg (5pcs)

Inside out big roll with Avocado, Lettuce, Carrot, Orange topped with Crunchy Lotus root and tangy Ginger sauce

Cucumber & Avocado Maki (8pcs)

Cucumber, Avocado drizzled with Avocado & Ginger sauce

Yasai Dragon Roll (8pcs)

Veg tempura, Sriracha, Wasabi mayo, topped with Avocado & Sriracha drops

Chef's Special Shiitake Maki (8pcs) V

Shiitake Mushroom, Spring Onion, Avocado drizzled with Teriyaki & Avocado sauce

Chef's Fusion Garden Roll (8pcs)

Black Sushi Rice, Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber, Orange, Mango Sauce, Avocado sauce

Chef's Special Shitaki Maki (8 pcs)

Shitake Mushroom, Spring Onion, Avocado, drizzled with Teriyaki and Avocado sauce


Hand Shaped Sushi - 2pcs

Unagi (Eel)

Sweet Soy, Sesame, Avocado

Hotate (Scallop)

Flying Fish Roe

Sake (Salmon)

Yuzu Citrus, Lemon

Maguro (Tuna)

Sesame reduction, Leek

Ebi (Cooked Prawn)

Spicy Crunch

Kani (Crab Stick)

Wasabi Mayo

Tako (Octopus)

Sea Salt, Lemon

Tai (Red Snapper)

Lemon, Fish roe

Ika (Cuttle Fish)

Spring Onion, Ginger

Seared Beef

Sweet Soy, Spring Onion

Tamago (Egg)

Sweet Soy


Wasabi Mayo, Spring Onion




Wasabi Mayo, Spring Onion

Sushi Burger

Served in Sushi Rice Pattie

Chicken Katsu Gohan Burger

Katsu chicken, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato, Wasabi mayo & Dynamite sauce

Maguro Katsu Gohan Burger

Breaded Tuna, Lettuce, Avocado, Spring onions & Wasabi Mayo

Yasai Katsu Gohan Burger

Katsu Vegetables, Avocado, Lettuce, Spring onions, Sweet soy reduction & Dynamite sauce

Salmon Mango Tartare (Raw)

Maguro Avocado Tatare (Raw)

Diced Tuna, Avocado, Lettuce, Wasabi Mayo, Spicy Dynamite sauce


Hand-rolled Crispy Seaweed Cone - 1pc

Spicy Tuna & Mango

Salmon, Avocado & Spicy Crunch

Yasai mixed with Avocado

Tofu, Mango, Spring onion & spicy crunch


7 slices - Raw

Hotate (Scallop)

Sake (Salmon)

Maguro ( Tuna)

Tai (Red Snapper)

Ika (Cuttle fish)


Sake Tataki (Rare)

Torched Salmon, Topped with Spring onions, Garlic chips & Seaweed drizzled with Citrus dressing

Maguro Tataki (rare)

Seared Tuna, topped with Spring onions, Garlic chips & Seaweed drizzled with Citrus ponzu sauce

Tako Rapsa (cooked)

Octopus slices (cooked) & Avocado, with a Citrus and Sesame dressing

Akami Goma (rare)

Seared Sliced Tuna, Sesame oil & Fried leeks drizzled with a Sesame yuzu reduction

Sake Jalapenos (rare)

Seared Salmon tossed in Japanese chill flakes, topped with fried leeks, Spring onions, Jalapenos, Avocado, Cucumber & a Ginger soy yuzu dressing

Unagi Yaki (cooked)

Grilled eel with a sweet soy glaze, Avocado Sauce, Wasabi & Sesame seeds


Miso Soup

Miso Soup with Tofu

Ebi Dynamite

Crispy Prawns tossed in rich creamy Dynamite sauce, Drizzled with Wasabi mayo


Pork, Chicken, or Vegetarian, Pan-fried dumplings, served with house special sauce


Chicken skewers with Vegetables glazed in Teriyaki sauce


Beef skewers with Vegetable in Garlic & Onion Sauce


Pork skewers with vegetables in Miso Butter Sauce

Yaki Seafood Mix

Prawn, Salmon, Tuna, Red Snapper & Cuttlefish skewers with Vegetables in a sweet soy reduction

Yasai Moriawase

Mushroom, Tofu & Vegetable skewers glazed in Teriyaki Sauce

Prawn Tempura

Deep-fried crispy, served with Tempura Sauce

Seafood Tempura

Deep-fried crispy Prawns, Crab & Fish, served with Tempura Sauce

Karaage Chicken

Japanese style fried chicken, drizzled with Tonkatsu & Spicy dynamite sauce

Tuna Lollipop

Diced marinated tuna balls, Deep-fried & served with Tangy chilli yuzu sauce

Tuna Pancake

Pan-fried tuna pattie, drizzled with dynamite & Tonkatsu sauce, topped dry Tuna flakes

Veg Tempura

Deep-fried peppers, Carrots, Potatoes, Eggplant, Onion, Zucchini

Nasu Dengaku

Melt in your mouth Eggplant, with a caramelized miso glaze & Sesame Seeds

Tofu Teriyaki Chunks

Teriyaki glazed Tofu chunks drizzled with a Sweet Soy reduction

Agedashi Tofu

Deep-fried Tofu, steeped in a sweet & savoury sauce, with Spring Onions & Ginger

Teriyaki Glazed Potatoes

Potatoes cooked in a sweet soy reduction with Chives, Sesame seeds & Japanese chilli

Avocado Spring Rolls

Deep-fried Avocado spring rolls served with Wasabi Mayo and Dynamite sauce


Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle (Teppan) to cook food. 

Omakase courses offer tasting menus prepared at our Teppanyaki table in the finest Japanese tradition by our chefs. 

Chef Omakase Course no.1

Miso Soup, 
Crab Stick Crunchy Salad, 
Beef or Pork Tenferloin
Chicken, Prawn, Salmon, Tuna or White Fish, 
Egg Fried Rice, 
Mixed Vegetables

Chef Omakase Course no.2

Miso Soup, 
Tofu or Vegetable Salad, 
Beef or Pork Tenderloin, 
Chicken, Prawn, 
Garlic Fried Rice, 
Mixed Vegetables

Chef Omakase Course no.3

Miso Soup, 
Avocado Salad, 
Beef or Pork Tenderloin, 
Egg Fried Rice, 
MIxed Vegetables

Chef Omakase Course no.4

Clear Vegetable Soup, 
Green Salad, 
Mixed Stir Fried Vegetables, 
vegetable Fried Rice

Teppan a la Carte

Served with Steamed Japanese Sticky Rice

Salmon Teppan

Norwegian Salmon Pan Fried in Chef's special Teppan Sauce, Stir Fried Vegetables & Ponzu Sauce

Prawn Teppan

Queen Prawns Stir Fried in Chef's special Teppan Sauce, Stir Fried Vegetables & Ponzu Sauce

Beef Teppan

Beef Tenferloin Stir Fried in Chef's Special Teppan Sauce, Stir Fried Vegetables & Ponzu Sauce

Chicken Teppan

Chicken Stir Fried in Chef's special Teppan Sauce, Stir Fried Vegetables & Ponzu Sauce

Sake Teriyaki

Norwegian Salmon Glazed in a Sweet Soy Reduction, Stir-fried Vegetables

Chicken Teriyaki

Thinly Sliced Grilled Chicken, Drizzled with Teriyaki Sauce, Stir-fried Vegetables

Tori Goma

Chicken Stir-fried with Sesame Seeds, Served with Sesame Greens & Sesame Sauce

Gyu Goma

Beef Tenderloin Stir-fried with Sesame Seeds, Served with Sesame Greens & Sesame Sauce

Maguro Furai

Deep Fried Breaded Tuna, Served with Japanese Tartar Sauce & Sesame Greens

Miso Butter Lobster Tail

Lobster Tail pan-fried in a Miso Butter Reduction, served with Avocado Slices & Sesame Greens

Yuzu Butter Prawns

Queen Prawns Stir-fried in a Yuzu Butter Reduction, served with Sesame Greens

Ninniku Butter Tai

Red Snapper Pan-fried in Sake & Soy Garlic Butter Reduction, served with Sesame Greens

Tofu Teriyaki

Pan-fried Tofu Glazed with Teriyaki Sauce, served with Stir-fried Vegetables

Horenzo Aspara Itame

Asparagus (seasonal), Spinach, Green Beans and Zucchini Sauteed with Garlic Onion Sauce

Goma Moriawase Itame

Bok Choy, Broccoli, Snowpease & Baby Corn Stir-fried in Sesame Sauce

Moyashi Nira Itame

Stir-fried Vegetable Mix, Beans Sprout, Chives & a Ginger and Sweet Soy Reduction

Shitake Mushroom Itame

Shitake & Button Mushrooms Sauteed in a Sweet Soy Reduction, served on a bed of Stir-fried Vegetables

Yasai Tofu Itame

Tofu Stir-fried in Chef's special Tappan Sauce, served on a bed of Stir-fried Vegetables

Cottage Cheese Teriyaki

Cottage Cheese pan-fried in a sweet SOy reduction, served with stir-fried Vegetables

Noodle Bar


White thick Japanese Noodles


Brown Buckwheat Noodles

Black Noodles

Black Rice Noodles

Glass Noodles

Clear Rice Vermicelli

Wagamama Noodles

White Curly Noodles


Japanese Sticky Rice

Ebi Yakimeshi (Prawn)

Prawn, Egg & Mixed Vegetables

Tori yakimeshi (Chicken)

Chicken, Egg & Mixed Vegetables

Gyu Takimeshi (Beef)

Beef, Egg & Mixed Vegetables

Buta Yakimeshi (Pork)

Pork, Egg & Mixed Vegetables

Yasai Yakimeshi (Veg)

Vegetable Fried Rice Garnished with Spring Onion and Fresh Crispy Garlic


Plain Steamed Sticky Rice with Sesame Seeds

Bento Box

Served with Miso Shiru, Steamed Rice & Salad

Asian Garden Special Bento

Tofu Salad, Prawn Tempura, Beef Teriyaki Breaded Chicken and Sashimi Drizzled with Avocado & Wasabi Mayo Sauce

Chef Signature Bento

Beef in Garlic Sauce, Salmon Teriyaki, Prawn Tempura, Japanese Egg and Sashimi

Sashimi Donburi

Sashimi served on a Bowl of Vinegared Sushi Rice

Special Shirashi Don (Raw)

Assorted Sashimi on Sushi Rice Salmon, Tuna, White FIsh, Cuttlefish (Raw) & Prawn, Crab, Octopus, Japanese egg (Cooked)

Rainbow Don (Raw)

Sliced Tuna, Salmon, Flying Fish Egg and White Fish

Unagi Don (Cooked)

Grilled Eel & Avocado Drizzled with Teriyaki Sauce

Tekka Avocado Don (Raw)

Tuna & Avocado on Sushi Rice

Kaisen Don (Raw)

Diced cut Tuna, Salmon and White Fish

Sake Ikura Don (Raw)

Salmon and Salmon Egg on Sushi Rice

Maguro Tartare Don (Rare)

Lightly Seared Tuna, Fresh Salad Mix, Spicy Mayo topped with Avocado Slices


Served on Bowl of Steamed Sticky Japanese Rice

Buta Katsu Don

Deep Fried Breaded Pork, Onion & egg Drizzled with Ginger Soy Sauce

Tori Katsudon

Deep Fried Breaded Chicken, Onion & Egg Drizzled with Ginger Soy Sauce


Thinly Sliced Beef & Onion with Sweet Soy Reduction

Oyako Don

Pan Fried Chicken, Onion & Medium Done Egg, Drizzled with Ginger Soy Sauce

Tori Curry

Deep-fried Breaded Chicken, topped with Japanese Curry Sauce & Sunny Side up egg

Buta CUrry

Deep-fried Breaded Pork topped with Japanese Curry Sauce & Sunny Side up egg

Maguro Don

Pan-fried Tuna, Garlic Onion Sauce, Sliced Avocado

Sake Miso Don

Miso Glazed Pan-fried Salmon, Miso Sauce, Avocado Slices & Sesame Greens

Yasai Curry

Deep-fried Breaded Vegetable Mix topped with Japanese Curry Sauce & Avocado Slices

Shitaki Don

Assorted Deep-fried Breaded Mushrooms & Onion with Sweet Soy Reduction

Asian Greens Don

Stir-fried Spinach, Broccoli, ZUcchini, Capsicum, Green Beans & Chives topped with Avocado


Ramen - Healthy Bowl of Hot Broth with Ramen Noodles






Mix Veg & Tofu


Peak Gai Yang

Thai Spicy Chicken Wings

Satay Sticks

Chicken, Beef, Pork or Prawns (3 sticks per portion)

Deep Fried Spring rolls

Chicken, Prawn, or Vegetarian (5pcs per plate)

Skinny Rice-Paper Springrolls

Chicken, Seafood or Vegetarian (5 pcs per plate)

Steamed Dumplings

Chicken, Pork, Seafood or Vegetarian (5 pcs per plate)


Som Tam

Vegetarian Papaya Salad

Som Tam Goong

Seafood Papaya Salad

Larb Gai

Chicken Mince Salad

Yam Talay

Mixed Seafood Salad

Yam Woon Sen

Glass Noodle Salad with Mushroom

Yam Woon Sen Goong

Glass Noodle Salad with Prawns


With or Without Noodles

Tom Yum

Sweet & Sour with Prawns, Chicken or Vegetarian

Tom Kha

Coconut Soup with Prawns, Chicken or Vegetarian

Thai Curry Rice Bowls

Served on a Bed of Jasmine Sticky Rice

Green Curry

Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian, Fish, or Prawn.Asian Garden Signature.Thai green curry with coconut milk, kaffir lime, Thai galangal ginger & Lemongrass

Red Curry

Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian, Fish, or Prawn. Asian Garden Signature, Thai Red Curry with Green beans, Eggplant, Thai basil with Coconut milk

Yellow Curry

Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian, Fish, or Prawns. Asian Garden Signature, Yellow with Onion, Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Coriander in Creamy coconut

Basil, Kaffir Lime & Galangal

Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian or Prawn

Thai Hot-Wok Stirfries

Served in a Bowl on a Bed of Jasmine Sticky Rice

Oyster Sauce

Chicken, Beef, Pork or Vegetarian

Red Chills & Lemon Grass

Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian

Thai Sweet & Sour

Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian

Basil, Kaffir Lime & Galangal

Chicken, Beef, Pork, Vegetarian 

Sizzling Hot Plates

Served with Jasmine Sticky Rice & Stir-fried Vegetables

Sizzling Hot Plate

With Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian or Prawn

Pad Thai Noodles


Tempura Ice Cream

Deep-Fried Vanilla Ice Cream with Sweet Bean sauce

Maccha Ice Cream

(1 scoop) Green tea Ice Cream with Sweet Bean sauce

Goma Ice Cream

Black Sesame Ice Cream with Sweet Bean Sauce

Asian Garden Parfait

Green Tea Ice Cream & Black Sesame Ice Cream with seasonal fruit & sweet Bean Sauce


Mango, Avocado, Strawberry, Orange, & Sweet melon, rolled in sticky Coconut rice drizzled with Chocolate sauce & Coconut flakes

Fruit Katsu

Deep-fried breaded Bananas & Pineapple, drizzled with honey & Cinnamon sugar, served with a scoop of vanilla Ice Cream



Sliced Beef Fillet marinated in Korean sauce served with rice

Jeyuk - Bhokum

Pork or Chicken pan-fried with Kimche served with steamed Rice

Kimche - Jige

Kimche with Pork and Korean Chilli powder in Hot Soup

Bi-Bim Bap

Rice Hot-Pot topped with Mixed Vegetables, Minced Meat or
Rice Hot-Pot with Chicken, topped with an Egg, served with Kimche


Seafood or Chicken & Udon noodles in a spicy Soup served Kimche

Korean Ram-Yeon

Ramen Noodles in Hot Soup with Seafood and Vegetables served with Kimche

Spicy Korean Chicken Don

Spicy Korean Chicken Fillet on a bed of Sticky Rice

Sweet N Spicy Korean Chicken Wings

Spicy Korean Pork Spare Ribs


Fermented Spicy Chinese Cabbage

Kimche Fried Rice

Sticky Rice stir-fried Kimche, topped with an Egg

From China Town

Sweet Corn

Chicken Soup | Veg Soup

Hot & Sour

Chicken Soup | Veg Soup


Mushroom | Veg Soup

Spicy pork spare ribs

Spicy chicken wings

Deep fried golden baby corn

Salt n pepper

Vegetables | Prawns

Honey sesame tofu

Ma Po Tofu

Chinese hot bar

Served with steamed rice or plain fried rice

Chilli garlic Chicken

Kung bao Chicken

Chicken black bean and bamboo shoot

Beef Chopsuey

Beef with broccoli and bamboo shoot

Sweet and sour prawns

Sweet and sour pork

Shredded pork with chilli

Chilli garlic fish

Schezwan vegetables with tofu

Chilli garlic vegetables with tofu

Vegetable and tofu chopsuey


Plain fries rice

Veg fried rice




Plain fried

Veg fried


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